Your art is all
that matters.
Imagine Films Communication Cinema

What is most important to us is creating
products that people love.
Le Choix de Sofia, Fiction, 2020

Founded in 2010, Imagine Films main focus was the development and production of appealing, innovative and accessible fiction films. Directed by in house or guest producers, Imagine Films strive to make sure that each of the company's films reaches its full potential once released. The first fiction film, a dramatic comedy titled Good Vibes, has been screened in various film festivals, selected as part of the "coup de coeur of the Cannes Short Film Corner 2011" and broadcasted by Shorts International in a dozen European countries and in the United States on HD TV.

The team currently works at the development of two feature length fiction films:
- Être / To Be (work title), fiction, comedy/drama, 35 mm / HD, 90 min.
- Roads Less Traveled (work title), fiction, comedy, 35 mm / HD, 90 min.